Why Custom Blinds?

• The look of shutters at a fraction of the price.

• Excellent light control.

• Works well with our shutter designs. Complimentary styling.

• Easy cleaning.

• UV resistant.

• Doesn't yellow.

• Strong rigid material, unlike home improvement store products.

• Extremely durable.

• 1 1/2 inch metal head rails.

• Solid fiberglass dowel that won't break.

• Comes with custom cornice with projection returns.

2" Synthetic with Half Circle

Vertical Blind

Custom Blinds

At P&J Custom Window Coverings we use the finest materials available. Don't be fooled by ready made cut downs from China, which are offered today as “Custom Blinds”. You may be able to buy a 2” blind for 15% less than market value but you are probably not getting a blind constructed for your window. Most of these blinds use cheap plastic components in the headrail which often times is not even 1 1/2”, they do not use real tassels or complete cornice boxes, and worst of all they use cheap slat that can warp or discolor over time.

How can you tell? Ask if they punch the 1st hole in the slat at 5”. If they are punching the holes at 4” or less it is because their material will warp if you punch it at 5” which probably means they are not using top quality material and they have to put many ladder supports in to keep the blind from looking wavy. If your salesperson does not know where the 1st hole is punched, call another company who does.

Another way to find out if you are dealing with a cheap blind is if you do not have a choice of where you get the controls. If your controls have to be left right or right left you are more than likely dealing with a cheap blind.

The cheap blinds have their place in the market. We are not trying to put down other companies' work, we just want customers to be educated, and often times the cheap stuff is represented like our products. That is not fair to us, and almost fraud to you the consumer.

All of this talk on price is making it seem like our products are expensive, which is not true. We sell a typical 36” x 36” window for about $68.00 total. That is, we measure the window, take down your existing coverings and install new quality blinds. No extra shipping, false taxes, gas fees, or handling which other companies will add on to seem less at first glance. Where you can get a cheap ready made for $30.00 plus shipping for $5.00, install and take down for $25.00 and tax of $5.00 which gets you to $65.00 compared to our $68.00. Your house is likely your largest investment. Blinds must perform. You must ask yourself is $3.00 worth saving versus getting a custom product with a lifetime warranty, and a beautiful product installed by a qualified installer, a licensed and bonded company with a contractors license and a Better Business Bureau member? If something was to go wrong, are you buying from a company who will come to your house at no charge and fix your blind under warranty. By now you know we are the company who will take care of your problem. If you do not care about quality, service, and a good price, at least now you are informed!

2" Wood Blind

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