Wood Cornices

Wood Blinds add a romantic touch of warmth and a rich, natural beauty to any room. Like fine quality furniture, our blinds are crafted from only the finest quality hardwoods in a full range of rich designer colors and warm wood tones. Naturally insulating and easy to maintain, wood blinds reflect an enduring quality that makes them a perfect companion to interior home decor. Choose from two molded wood valances.

Features and Benefits

Fast Delivery
Our mini cornices are manufactured in 5 - 7 working days. This allows us to ship the window covering and the cornice together, making the installation a one-trip event with quicker turnaround than other cornices taking several weeks.

Wood Cornice with Flat Roman Shade

Quality Construction
The one-piece face construction and the smaller profiles allow for the use of the same species of wood as our wood blind program. Maximum length of one-piece construction is 94". Finishes are applied by the same flow-coating equipment used on our wood blind slats ensuring superior quality and the best color match possible.

Five Unique Styles
Our 5" high mini cornices will top off any of our window covering products with style. With 5 profile styles and 15 colors, you can use mini cornices with any of our products. The custom designs make a stunning enhancement to any decor, and is designed to accommodate an insert. Elongated versions our valances, give you the flexibility to mix and match our cornices and valances when wood blinds are the window covering of choice.

Adaptable & Easy to Order
Our mini cornices are very adaptable and can be used with any of our window covering products. Just order your cornices with the product they are intended. All you need for the order is the window measurement and the cornice type. If it is an inside mount, you will need to provide us with the sill depth measurement. We will make all necessary deductions and calculations for you. Each installation page provides you with a chart showing you the cornice returns and dust cap sizes required for a perfect fit.

Simple Installation
Installation is simple. When used with any of our two-inch horizontal blinds, mini cornice inside and outside mounts install just like a valance, using the same valance mounting system as our wood blind.

• Inside mount installations on all other products have a dust cap that extends into the window opening. Similar to an inside mount vertical valance installation just place the mini cornice into the window, pushing it as far back in the window opening as possible, and attach with a couple of wood screws. Then proceed with the installation of the window covering product.

• Outside mount installations use a color-matched mounting strip that is attached to the wall, then the cornice is attached to the mounting strip. Outside mount installations are recommend when windows have wood trim.

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