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More About Wood Shutters

Our position is the synthetic shutter by far is better looking, longer lasting, and a better value than wood; however, there are some situations where wood is superior.

• Variety-If you need an orange shutter, you won't find a synthetic one, of course wood can be paint or stain matched at a 45% increase in cost.

• Stains-Synthetic simulated stains just do not look as good as wood, and there are few choices.

• Sliders-By passes are the best way to cover sliding glass doors. Synthetic is your best bet, but if you are looking for a bi-folding shutter over a slider-wood, due to it's natural shear strength with divider rails is your best bet.

Now, if you are set on buying wood, don't shop price! US Polymer Wood Shutters in our opinion are the only wood product worth having and selling. Over the years we have tried to compete on price with bottom dollar wood. While a cheap blind might warp a little, fade a little, or have too many support ladders, a cheap wood shutter is the worst product to buy. Years ago I've had experience with inexpensive wood shutters, no matter how little you pay it is not worth the mess you end up with when all the paint cracks in a year. US Polymer Shutters are all furniture quality and are sealed on the ends keeping moisture away and giving you a wood product that will last for years.

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