2" & 2 1/2" Wood Blinds

2" & 2 1/2" Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds add a romantic touch of warmth and a rich, natural beauty to any room. Like fine quality furniture, our blinds are crafted from only the finest quality hardwoods in a full range of rich designer colors and warm wood tones. Naturally insulating and easy to maintain, wood blinds reflect an enduring quality that makes them a perfect companion to interior home decor. Choose from two molded wood valances.

Features and Benefits

Low-Profile Headrail
Provides tighter closure to improve light control at the headrail. At 2 1/4" x 1 1/2", the lowprofile headrail is narrower than the valance, so less of the headrail is visible.

Wood Construction
Wood Blinds are constructed from a strong resilient wood that is an excellent insulator, thus reducing energy costs.

Paint, Stain or Sandblasted Finishes
Choose from three finishes to complete the look of your decorating project. 2 1/2" blinds are available in paint and stain finishes.

Double Pass Finishing
Slat ends are finished with a double-pass painting process that gives the blind a quality, furniture-like finish.

Routeless Slats
An optional feature for 2" and 2 1/2" blinds is slats with no holes, providing added privacy and light control.

Wood Trapezoid Bottomrail
Complements the blind and allows for tighter closure of the blind.

Two Valance Choices
The standard contour valance is a 2 3/4" valance for a finished look. The optional valance is taller at 2 15/16" to accommodate the wider slats and is available at no extra charge.

Hidden Valance Clips
Valance attaches to the low-profile headrail with clips that are invisible upon installation.

Standard Cord Ladder or Cloth Tape
Blinds can be equipped with standard cord ladders or enhanced with cloth tapes that can add something special to any room decor. When cloth tapes are specified, the trapezoid bottomrail will be replaced with a rectangular bottomrail.

Wood Wand Handle
At the end of the wand there is a decorative wooden handle that provides a better grip when opening or closing the blind.

Crash-Proof Cord Lock
The blind cord is released when opening or closing the blind, allowing the crash-proof cord lock to prevent the blind from crashing onto the sill. Reduces drop back for a tighter stack.

2" Wood Blinds with 2" Arch Specialty Cornice

NOTE: On IB mounts the factory will make a 1/2" deduction in width and a 3/8" deduction in length.

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