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For the past 150 years shutters have been one of the most desired window coverings. For most of that time, they have been priced where only a small part of the population could afford them, and they have been plagued with functional problems due to their design and wood construction.

Today things have changed. With the development of new hi-tech synthetic materials, while being more expensive than wood, prices have come down due to a much lower "waste factor". It is common for a wood manufacturer or wood supplier to discard up to 25% of the material in order to get wood that is not twisted, knotted, or flawed in some way. These defects will NOT produce a quality product. Now there are companies in the shutter business selling products produced from "seconds" to keep their costs competitive. So beware, because you will get what you pay for.

The synthetic materials used for shutters today are the same materials now used for many windows, exterior fencing, aircraft, boats, patio furniture and in automobiles. In the past many companies have had problems with some materials fading, but with modern technology improvements made in the synthetic material industry we now have many materials available that are far superior to wood, and in fact, if done correctly, will look better than wood!

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